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Catalogue and Flyers

Download or order catalogue and flyers

All current catalogues and flyers can be downloaded for free as a PDF or ordered in print. To place an order of prints by mail, please use the form at the bottom of the page.

Catalogue Profile Technology 7.0

The mk profile system and structures built from aluminium profiles.

Catalogue Conveyor Technology 6.0

Function modules for conveying and handling piece goods.

mk Construction Kit

Overview of the mk portfolio. One Construction Kit, Countless Possibilities.

Factory Automation in Practice

Innovative references and application examples from profile and conveyor technology.

Flat Top Chain Conveyor System Versaflex

Modular and standardized Versaflex flat top chain conveyor system for complex track designs within a three dimensional space.

Versamove Workpiece Carrier Recirculation System

Modular transfer system for transporting workpiece carriers.

SPU 2040 Pallet Recirculation System

Feeding, buffering and separating workpieces in the tightest spaces.

TKU 2040 Chain Conveyor System

Affordable, cycled transport of workpiece carriers.

KMF-P 2040 Curved Modular Belt

Curved belt conveyor for flexible combination with straight and inclined tracks.

KFG-P 2000 ECO Incline Conveyor

Incline belt conveyor in fixed variants for vertical transport.

INOX Stainless Steel Conveyor

Overview of our portfolio of INOX stainless steel conveyor systems.

Vacuum Conveyors

Belt conveyor with vacuum body for simple product handling using negative pressure.

Round Tube System D28

Overview of the portfolio of round tube profiles and connectors of the Series D28.

3D Print Components

Customised components using the 3D printer.