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Accumulation Conveyor SPU 2040

Feeding and buffering workpiece carriers in the tightest spaces

The SPU 2040 is an accumulating pallet recirculation system with automatic pallet recirculation for cost-effective and dynamic feeding, buffering, positioning and separation of pallets in the tightest of spaces. The system’s sturdiness and wide range of variants makes it suitable for virtually all automation and material flow applications.

The SPU 2040 allows for acyclic operation (i.e. independent of the infeed cycle) with automatic recirculation of the workpiece carriers. The workpieces on the workpiece carriers are transported by the flat top chain along the upper transport level. After the workpiece has been removed, the empty workpiece carriers are safely carried along in the tail and then conveyed back hanging below the transport level. They are then available at the start of the belt to be loaded with new workpieces. This eliminates the need for a second conveyor level or lift-and-lower units with complex control elements. It also eliminates the need to load the workpiece carriers on the belt, whether manually or automatically.

Single-line SPU 2040

Dual-line SPU 2040

Double-line SPU 2040

SPU 2040 Advantages

  • Cost-effective and very compact interlinking of two machining stations
  • Reliable and dynamic feeding, buffering, positioning and separating
  • Compact design with space-saving recirculation of workpiece carriers below the transport level
  • Buffering capability compensates for different cycle times within the production line
  • Built from proven mk modules and a variety of workpiece carriers for outstanding flexibility
  • Transfer lines from 2 to 10 m in length
  • Speeds from 4 to 15 m/min
  • Low maintenance and wear

SPU System Overview


  • Support plates made from aluminium plates or Series 40 aluminium profiles
  • Lateral positioning slot and positioning socket ensure high positioning precision
  • Pallet width for single and multi-line systems 160 or 236 mm. In double-line systems depending on the width of the conveyor. The standard length of a pallet is 160 mm.
  • The max. permissible unladen weight depends on the type of system and the height of the workpiece holder

Transfer Line

  • Flat top chain made of wear-resistant carbon steel
  • Two chain widths are available
  • 114 mm for single-, dual- and double-line
  • 190 mm for single line

Tail with automatic tensioning device

  • Vulkolan cleat pads ensure secure transferring
  • 40 mm tensioning distance
  • Optimal tensioning pressure at 6 bar

Drive versions

  • Two drive types to the right or left of the conveyor line are available
  • AF head drive direct, flange-mounted hollow shaft motor
  • AC head drive indirect, gear motor with shaft journal
  • Conveyor speeds between 4 to 15 m/min depending on the required cycle time of the pallets
  • Vulkolan cleat pads ensure secure pallet transfer

Positioning unit with separation

  • Electrical cylinder detection, optionally inductive available
  • Detection of one or both switch settings of the stopper cylinder
  • Lifting force = pallet + fixture + product + counter pressure max. 140 N (at 4 bar), max. 210 N (at 6 bar)Greater lifting force available depending on customer requirements
  • Precise positioning of ±0.2 mm

Protective device guard with pendulum flap

The protective device guard at the tails minimises the risk of injury for the operator. A pendulum flap is triggered when touched and stops the entire system. A cover between the flat top chain and the frame is available on request. A protective device guard without a pendulum flap in profile design or as a sheet metal hood is also optionally available.

Application Examples SPU 2040

SPU 2040, single line with separating function for manual loading and removal by robots

SPU 2040, single line with customer-specific workpiece fixture

SPU 2040, single line with 25/40 pallet and customer-specific workpiece fixture

SPU 2040, single line, 190 chain width with wide pallet, pallet aluminium plate and separation

SPU 2040, double-line as infeed conveyor for dishwasher units

SPU 2040, double-line with separating function for supplying parts in an assembly and welding facility

SPU 2040, dual-line, 114 chain width with positioning unit

SPU 2040, single line with pallet separating function for supplying parts in a production facility