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Profile Technology

Components and
Applications Built from
Aluminium Profiles

Our profile technology consists of the proven, versatile mK profile system as the common base technology as well as the workshop and industrial applications that are based on this system. This includes guarding with custom-designed machine housings and protective fences, manual workstation set-ups with ergonomic and functional industrial workstations, custom-designed machine frames, steps and platforms.

Features of Profile Technology

  • Loadable, functional profiles for a high power consumption with an appealing design
  • Compared to steel constructions no welding, cutting, painting necessary
  • Almost gap-free profile connections with edge radius of 1 mm for a clean look
  • Stability-oriented and diverse connection technology with standard screws and extensive accessories
  • Effective and functional safeguarding of systems and machines through enclosures and protective fences
  • Ergonomic industrial workstations and their linking to assembly lines for optimal productivity
  • Secure access to machines or production areas via stairs and platforms, conforming to standards
  • High standardization in processes and products for a short planning, design and assembly time