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Aluminium Profile System

Aluminium System Profiles and Connecting Elements for Maximum Flexibility and Reliability

Aluminium construction profiles are used wherever you build machine frames, workstations, shelves or guardings. Sturdy and flexible aluminium system profiles are also used for test set-ups, exhibit construction and load-bearing structures. You can find all the right aluminium profiles, connecting elements, accessories and tools with us.

Why you need the mk Profile System

Aluminium system profiles for mechanical engineering are needed wherever machine frames, work platforms, shelves, sliding doors, guardings, test set-ups and more are built. With its range of connecting elements and other accessories, the versatile and trusted mk aluminium profile system is the ideal modular profile system for plant and mechanical engineering.

  • The flexible modular design of mk system profiles provides virtually endless possibilities for custom-designed structures and solutions.
  • The mk profile system has the right aluminium profile for every application, from lightweight extensions to load-bearing structures.
  • Their high-quality aluminium alloy with an extremely durable anodised coating makes mk system profiles robust and reliable aluminium construction profiles.
  • The connection technology means the aluminium profiles can be reused with standard screws.
  • The minimal edge radius (1 mm) provides for virtually gap-free connections between profiles and a clean look.
  • The aluminium profiles from the mk profile system can also be combined with aluminium system profiles from other manufacturers.

Aluminium System Profiles

The more than 200 high-quality system profiles provided by mk are divided into five profile series based on grid dimensions of 25, 40, 50 and 60 mm and a diameter of 28 mm. They meet all the requirements placed on aluminium construction profiles in mechanical engineering. Thanks to the huge selection of aluminium system profiles, you always have the right piece of the puzzle for your application and load and design requirements. With our aluminium profiles, you can create lightweight fixtures, machine frames or extensions just as effectively as load-bearing structures. Application profiles for special applications such as conveyor system frames are also part of the portfolio


Profile nameGrid dimensionmax. DimensionMaterialApplication Examples
Profile Series D28ø 28 mm
ø 28 mm

AlMgSi 0,5 F25
Supply trolley, shelves, lightweight frames, extensions for workstations
Profile Series 25
25 x 25 mm
25 x 150 mm bzw. 50 x 50 mm
AlMgSi 0,5 F25
Lightweight frames, cabinets, test set-ups, measurement
and test units, electronics housings
Profile Series 4040 x 40 mm
160 x 160 mm
AlMgSi 0,5 F25Lighter machine frames, guardings, assembly workstations,
exhibit construction, work platforms
Profile Series 5050 x 50 mm50 x 200 mm bzw. 100 x 100 mm
AlMgSi 0,7 F28
Heavy-duty machine frames, load-bearing structures
Profile Series 6060 x 60 mm120 x 240 mmAlMgSi 0,7 F28Machine frames for heaviest loads, gantries

Profile Machining

To achieve positive-locked connections, the ends of aluminium system profiles often need to be machined. Bolt fasteners, for example, require a suitable drill hole in the aluminium profile, and for special structures the profile ends may need to be mitre cut.


You can download free CAD models of profile and conveyor technology components from the mk Technology Group here.

Download CAD Data

Conveniently download free CAD models of profile and conveyor technology components from mk.

Profile Deflection Calculator

With our Profile Deflection Calculator, you can calculate the load-dependent deflection of aluminium profiles directly from here.

Connecting Elements

The extensive selection of connecting elements in the mk profile system ensures maximum flexibility and reliability in your aluminium profile designs. Whatever your requirements in terms of load capacity, twisting moment, ease of installation or design, our wide range of connectors will satisfy all your specifications and at any angle. All connecting elements use standard screws.

mk offers the perfect connection technology for every requirement. Whether it’s angle fasteners, internal fasteners, plate fasteners, corner fasteners, lattice connections or clamped connections, this page will show you which connection is right for your structure.

End Caps, Wear Strips, Floor Elements, Tools and Accessories

The mk profile system offers an extensive range of functional, design, safety, mobility and stability components for completing your aluminium profile structure. As well as end caps, various covers and wear strips, you can choose from a variety of levelling feet, floor plates and rolls. Cover profiles, swivel joints and other functional accessories round off the profile system range. Tools and jigs for machining profiles supplement the range.