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Flat Top Chain Conveyors

Create Complex Lines with a Single Conveyor System

Flat top chain conveyors are ideally suited for feeding and interlinking bottles, cans or small boxes in the food, beverage, glass, pharmaceutical and paint industries. Or with steel chain for the transport of hot, sharp or oily products.

The modular design allows complex routes in three-dimensional space and can be easily realized without disconnecting points and transitions with one conveyor. In addition, production-related changes can be implemented quickly and economically.

Technical data:

  • Widths: 45-300 mm 
  • Lengths: 600-40000 mm
  • Total load: up to 200 kg
  • Speed: up to 50 m/min
  • Options: multiple line, incline, curved, INOX

Features of mk Flat Top Chain Conveyors

  • With plastic chain ideally suited for the beverage, glass, food, pharmaceutical and paint industries
  • Typical fields of application are the transport of bottles, cans or small cardboard boxes in the area of feed and interlinking
  • Or with robust steel chain the transport of hot, sharp or oily products
  • Realize complex three-dimensional track-layouts without separating points and transitions with one conveyor
  • Thanks to the form-fitting drive, there is no slip and therefore well suited for wet rooms
  • Also for position-oriented transport using workpiece carriers

Conveyor Technology Catalogue

Detailed information on flat top chain conveyors can be found in our Conveyor Technology catalogue.

Download CAD Data

Conveniently download free CAD models of profile and conveyor technology components from mk.

Application Examples

Refurbishing for a Sustainable Closed-loop Economy

The company rebuy established a new and complete pilot system for the automated inspection and processing of smartphones. mk supplied the conveyor lines and workstations.

Faster transport of round battery cells in module building

Round battery cells are fed into the assembly process for the production of battery packs and must be transported position-oriented to another level. The goods to be transported should flow smoothly, i.e. should be transported without a pallet, with maximum throughput and high process reliability.

Cooling line for robot welding plant

The welded parts must cool down during transport to the next station in a robot welding plant to allow the slag to then be removed. The products must cool down for about four minutes. This requires a conveyor that transports the products both over straight and curved sections. The products mustโ€ฆ