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Guarding devices for machines and systems

Machine Housings and Protective Fences for Increased Occupational Safety

When people and machines work together, safety and protection have top priority. Machine housings, cabins and protective fences are used to ensure occupational safety. mk offers tailor-made guarding devices in modular aluminum profile construction, individually and flexibly designed.

Whether machine housing or protective fence. Whether fixed or moveable separating protective device. With or without automatic locking. mk offers tailor-made personal, machine and production safety in accordance with the Machinery Directive.

Choose from a wide range of panelling, doors and windows, which can be electrically secured if required. It is also a cinch to connect pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically operated door elements to your machine control system. All guarding is designed and manufactured in accordance with the safety standards applicable in your country. You can be sure that you and your employees are always on the safe side. standards.

Benefits of mk Guarding

  • Modular guarding based on our aluminium profile system
  • Attractive design that is also extremely stable and functional
  • Screw connections provide the flexibility to expand and make changes
  • Degree of assembly can be selected, from individual pieces to finished housings
  • Reliable occupational safety in accordance with the Machinery Directive
  • 3D product configurator to design your guarding quickly and easily

System Selection

In addition to giving you the option to completely customise your guarding, mk also offers the following variants. The partition method is the preferred method and the standard design used at mk. This variant is also the solution used in the configurator to design guarding.

Guarding Configurator

Machine housings and protective fences with a flexible
and economical modular design for improved occupational safety.

System Components

Application Examples

Ultra-fast production of lightweight components

As a partner in a R&D project for the AZL, mk provided valuable expertise in the automation of an ultra-fast production line for custom semi-finished products made of fibre-reinforced plastics.

Unloading and reloading station for AGVs in the production of electric drives

Feeding, storage and positioning system for the unloading and removal of large load carriers in a production plant for electric drives.

Cleanroom for a Fully Automated Testing System

An automation specialist is developing a fully automatic testing system for camshafts for a customer in the automotive industry. Since technical cleanliness must be ensured for the measurement and checking process, the system requires an enclosed housing.