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Indexing Chain Conveyor TKU 2040

Cycled interlinking of Machines and Machining Centres

The TKU 2040 chain conveyor system is especially well suited for cycled, defined and position-oriented supply and removal of long cylindric parts. The system’s timing can be individually configured to a fixed cycle. The system can be used in the machine tool and plastics industries, throughout the automotive sector and in many other industries.

The TKU 2040 is based on the mk profile system and is modularly constructed, compact, flexible and extremely robust.It is constructed from a timing chain conveyor with 2 roller chains, which permits a total load of up to 700 kg. The conveyor frame consists of two profile sections with gliding assemblies for the chain and the workpiece fixtures. It is available in designs with a predefined width or with an adjustable width. The width adjustment mechanism allows you to transfer workpieces of various sizes.

TKU 2040 with fixed width

TKU 2040 with adjustable width

According to the specific requirements, prisms made out of either polyoxymethylene (POM) or brass can be used as the workpiece fixtures, which are optimal for holding round workpieces. Alternatively you can select profile workpiece carriers, which can be individually equipped with customer-supplied workpiece fixtures.

TKU 2040 Features

  • Cost-efficiently interlink machining stations
  • Sturdy system has a load capacity of up to 700 kg
  • Loads of up to 6/10 kg (prism) and up to 20 kg (profile workpiece carrier) per workpiece
  • Compact construction
  • Flexible modular design
  • Widths between 195 mm and 1500 mm on adjustable models
  • Sturdy construction means low maintenance and wear
  • Conveyor speed up to 18 m/min
  • Repeatability of +- 1 mm possible

Overview of the Modules

TKU 2040 – Workpiece carries/Prisms

Prism-shaped pallets are ideal for transporting round workpieces. POM prisms are designed for transporting workpieces up to 6 kg each without damaging them. Brass prisms exhibit high strength and heat resistance and can support up to 10 kg/workpiece.

Workpiece carriers made from Series 40 profiles with 10 mm slots can be equipped with custom workpiece fixtures provided by the customer. Their width can be varied within the system limits and can support up to 20 kg. The profile workpiece carrier cannot be used with the adjustable variant.

TKU 2040 – Conveyor Frame

The conveyor frame consists of two profile sections with gliding assemblies for the chain with the attached workpiece fixtures. Conveyor frames with a fixed width have perpendicular traverses that give the frame high intrinsic stability. It can therefore be integrated into a lighter stand system. Conveyor frames with adjustable widths are installed in a width adjustment mechanism designed specially for the system, which is fixed in place on a support frame.

TKU 2040 – Adjusting Unit

On adjustable models, adjusting units are used to change the conveyor width. This allows the TKU 2040 to accept workpieces of different sizes. The adjusting unit is available with a handwheel or clamping lever and a scale for the width. The width adjustment range depends on the limits of the system.

TKU 2040 – Drive​​​​​​​

A direct drive is used as the drive. It is particularly compact, exhibits low backlash and requires little maintenance. This drive is particularly well suited for fixed-cycle operation because the motor is connected directly to the application. The drive for an adjustable width has a special shaft with a ball bushing that lets you easily adjust the width.

TKU 2040 – Tail​​​​​​​

The tail contains sprockets that reliably move the transport chain. Tensioning units in the tails let you adjust the chain tension as necessary.

TKU 2040 – Protective Device Guard

The protective device guard prevents anyone from reaching into the device during operation and reduces the risk of injury. The rotary lock is triggered when moved and stops the entire system. It must be adapted to the contours of the particular product so that the product itself does not trigger the lock.

TKU 2040 – Base Frame​​​​​​​

The base frame ensures that the system is stable and secure, and it can be ordered in various working heights. The frame is also available with optional panelling (sheet metal or Makrolon) and in a mobile version with casters.

Application Examples TKU 2040

TKU 2040 for transporting camshafts

TKU 2040 with extractor unit and conveyor for rejected pieces

Customer-specific TKU 2040 with 20Β° inclination and transport of workpieces through a cleansing bath

TKU 2040 with custom workpiece fixtures and centring elements