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Rotary Table

Simple and Affordable
Buffering and Separating

Rotary tables are ideal for maintaining continuous material flows. If workpieces need to be buffered, stored, staggered or separated between work steps, they can be stored on the table’s circular surface. The parts can then be discharged as needed and fed back into the process.

Rotary tables consist of a round and driven table top made of laminate, stainless steel or another function-specific material. The base frame is built from Series 40 profiles as standard and equipped with height-adjustable levelling feet. Cover panels made from sheet metal or polycarbonate can be easily attached.

When designing guides such as intake guides and diverters, the weight and shape of the product being conveyed plays a major role. Round products, such as brake discs, ball bearings, cans or bottles, are the most suitable for this type of storage. mk therefore custom-designs the guide plates according to the customer’s specific requirements. With extensive experience in interlinking and conveying applications, mk can draw on a wealth of previously implemented solutions. For example, we can implement adjustable diverter plates that are integrated into the control system.

Technical data

  • Rotary table Ø: D = 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, 2000 mm, others on request
  • Rotary table top: Laminated tops and stainless steel sheets and others
  • Drive version: Chain, special designs available on request
  • v const (U/min): 1 – 8 U/min others on request
  • Load: 100 kg
  • Side rails: On request
  • Height: H = 500 – 1500 mm, others on request

The DT-P 2040 variant is mk’s standard design, and is already available in many different versions.

Features of mk Rotary Tables

  • Simple and cost-effective option for buffering, storing, staggering and separating
  • System slots for attaching side rails, separators or transfer segments
  • Can be driven directly or with a timing belt or friction belt
  • Built with the mk profile system for outstanding flexibility
  • Compliant with accident prevention regulations (UVV)

Application Examples

Rotary table as buffering or storage station with spiral-shaped, stainless steel design

Rotary table with deflector wings above the table top and spout

Rotary table with 2m diameter, surrounding stainless steel sheet and belt conveyor as inlet

Mobile rotary table with circumferential profile and sliding strip